Sunday, May 26, 2013


Title : Simple Genius
Author : David Baldacci

Well Baldacci really made this book simple. To people who regularly read my blog, you guys do know I've been reading him for some time. So this book had been quite a disappointment. He tries to jumble up a lot of things into a well working plot, but misses to emphasize things that makes his book, extraordinary. Obviously after reading this book Camp Peary will be seared forever in my mind as the CIA spy school and Porto Bello is in it's compound (weird when I googled it up, Porto Bello has little to say. Classified as it's in the camp I guess) but Baldacci forgot to stress the importance of the Beale code and Alan Turing's findings in this book, making it only a small lead in the whole investigation. I might be wrong, but the overall sense that I've been receiving in this whole book has been okay-ish. I wanted to be wow-ed, like how I read the other Baldacci's.

But reading (fiction I'm not vouching for anything) that CIA buys drugs from "people" so that these people don't sell it to public makes sense. For greater good.

Rating : 8/10


Title : Jane Eyre Laid Bare
Author : Charlotte Bronte & Eve Sinclair

 For those who know me, I am a classic addict. And I did mentioned that I also love the renditions and twists that other writers have spun from the original books written long ago. So this is one of them.

Yeah this is about Jane Eyre, not Mr Darcy. Ha. Basically the book goes along the same lines of the original story, but with added drama and interpretation. The original book seems drab and very conforming-ish, so Eve Sinclair spiced it up with this additional hot steamy stories that will make you look at this book in a new perspective. Those who loves romance and wants to read classics, go ahead. Perfect book for you. For a classic lover, at first you might be shocked with how Sinclair adds in these references to sex, but I can say she orchestrated it pretty well. 

The ending, on the other hand, wasn't what I expected. Modern day twist calls for a modern day ending, huh?

Rating : 9/10

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Title : Animal Farm
Author : George Orwell

It was exactly as what people described it to be. A deep, meaningful prose with striking "similarities" to humans, Animal Farm has captured the essence of sarcasm in writing that I fully hope to develop. The likening of government and authority to the animals are crude yet engages the whim of Orwell to portray the aforementioned in simple terms. This book will be essential who those who want to rise in power, those in power, and those who wants to critic the authority. It will be helpful to understand that it is in our nature to challenge simple morality and ethical rules when we rise in status. Reading Animal Farm acts as a cautionary tale to everyone.

Rating : 10/10 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello ! First up is a book review from my dear ex-schoolmate, also a book lover. I'm not sure if she wants herself to be known here, but thankyou so much to you ! First contributing book review, and I'm hoping for many many more to come :)
Title : The Time of My Life

Author : Cecelia Ahern
At first, this was slow. Although slow, the words manage to echo in my head all the time. Insisting that I continue reading it. I haven’t got much time to read. Always am tired and stuff. The book was in my bag the whole time, yet it is not read. Well, I did read it for a few chapters. That is why the words stuck in my head. Just time wasn’t on my side.
Well, it is Ahern’s writings. It has to be good. So one day I managed to pick it up and continue to read. The story was a about a lady that was so messed up. She was dumped, got fired and bought a studio apartment. The series of unfortunate lead from one to another. But, she was quite fine with her life. She still have a place to live, have a job that could pay the rents, have a cat. She still hang out and spend time with her friends and family, only she would prefer not to and rather be alone.
You see, after all the unfortunate events take place. She was living in a high pile of lies. Although, she was okay, her life wasn’t. Being tired of unhappiness and depression and abandonment , her life decided to contact her.  Yup, your life gets to contact you in this story. And the irony was that her life is man.
With everything that she did right, that made her happy and her life happy. Her Life state would improve. From clammy skin and bad breath, he slowly looks better and better and became quite handsome. And she feels happier and happier with her decisions.
And everything turns out fine. What Ahern wants to propose in the story was that, you should never take Life for granted. Take care of other people’s feelings, be there for them but be there as well for your Life. You may not aware that you are miserable. So, take one day and think of all the things that you are doing, are you happy? Or is your LIFE happy?
All in all, the book made me realise that I should always keep an eye on what my Life state is. And it was really good.
Ratings: 10/10