Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I am back, and I have graduated!

Hey people. 

Abandon is a loaded word. 

Although that was kind of what I did to this blog, my time still has been occupied beautifully with books. 

So, reviews coming up. 

Meanwhile, I have graduated ( yes I am revealing who I am nowwww) from Rutgers University (hey my beloved alma mater is now Big10! Woohooo!) with a double degree in Economics and Human Resource Management. 

Yes I question myself everyday why oh why didn't I triple major in English too. Note : Must believe in yourself. 

Currently seeking for the next step in life. Have some plans, waiting for answers. 

Keep waiting for some reviews, folks. 

PS : should also put some humble reviews on the Broadway shows i've been to. 

PPS : just saying. Phi Beta Kappa!