Sunday, April 28, 2013


Away for a while, exams are approaching !

After that, I'll read with a vengeance.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Title : The Last Templar
Author : Raymond Khoury.

Even the reviews on the cover likened this book to Dan Brown, saying "For those who think Dan Brown doesn't write fast enough". Fictional history has always been a fave genre of mine, so my desires was satisfied enough with this book. It is about a raid at Metropolitan Museum by people adorned in the Knights Templar uniform, with a mission to finish what their forefathers had started; the truth about Jeshua of Nazareth, famously known as Jesus Christ. The truth will undermine Christianity as what it is now, bringing people to the truth of the Old Testament and Jesus as only a man, not the Son of God. Ultimately, the truth was exchanged with faith.

Rating : 10/10

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Title : A Bend In The Road
Author : Nicholas Sparks

Ah well. A Sparks book. A happy ever after ending. Never fails.

This book talks about how a husband (county sheriff) gets over his devastation of the hit-and-run death of his wife. Suspecting bad guys, he didn't know the real culprit was someone close. Someone dear to the new love he discovered after the 2 years plus mourning. A woman his 7 year old kid approves, and loves.


Rating : 7/10

Monday, April 8, 2013


Title : Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Author : Seth Grahame-Smith

Oh well.

Loved every second of it. Being an ardent fan of Honest Abe, how can I not be? Plus with my fascination of historical fiction, this book suits me well. See when you thread fiction with history, it seems much more solid, much more believable. Or maybe Abe Lincoln was really a vampire hunter? Ah.

The book was about President Lincoln's life. His tragedies and joys, his path to fame and success. His journals. His journeys. And his assassination. All these, laced with the fact that Civil War was the result of more than the North vs South, Union vs Confederate; it was the war to set the human race to be free. Indentured servants were the Great Emancipator's cause of his life (though accounts said he kept some slaves for his own too). Smith twists history with saying that behind all this ruckus, vampires were actually the   big factor of this war. Darkness vs light. Servitude vs equality. I must note that a lot of distinguished names were brought in, and some tarnished (obviously fiction) in the plot. Those includes Edgar Allan Poe, Jefferson Davis (he looks so much like Abe!), Ulysses S.Grant, Andrew Johnson, Martin Luther King, among others. It was good. It took me a day.

This deserves to be on the NYT bestseller's list. (I am still encumbered with rage for the Austen book)

Well, I'm biased. It's Abe.

Rating : 10/10

PS : they have photoshopped pictures too. I can't help but like it.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Title : The Jane Austen Book Club
Author : Karen Joy Fowler

Naturally, when my books arrived last Thursday, I picked this one up first. I'm a real Austenian, no one will expect less. Yet being an avid reader of Austen and its parodies has its downside, you tend to expect a lot and put high standards. Which has been disappointed by this rendition by Fowler, even if it is a NYT bestseller. The book was just about a bunch of Austenians (like me!) having a book club discussing Austen, and how Austen is linked to their lives in general. I was expecting a plot like that to go on the lines of a romantic, humorous yet ironic, and none of that really applies to this book. Attempts, yes, yet none had made me slightly tipsy and put me into a book hangover. Really, the best thing about it was the comments made about Austen by other authors at the very end of the book.

Good thing for those who doesn't read Austen is there is a condensed summary of every Austen novels in this book. "Cliffnotes" free.

Urgh. I need a darcy parody. Like now.

Rating : 5/10