Sunday, July 7, 2013


Title : The Imperial Cruise
Author : James Bradley

Picked up the book in B&N, had sparked my interest. American history (not that I approve them though)!

Teddy Roosevelt's fan addicts, please read this book. Come and meet the dark side of him.

The Aryan's West expansion to civilize the world explains this book. James Bradley painstakingly describe in detail the dilemma of President McKinley and his successor, President Teddy Roosevelt as they champion the fight against the Others in the world. Trying to claim the world as theirs, the masterminds of this time bought together plans to conquer the Pacific and have reign (implicitly) over the Asian continent. Learn about the Japanese and Korean dilemma, and the bloody battles fought with the Red Indians and Philippines. The Anglo-Saxon powers deem themselves superior and had the responsibility to conquer and eliminate the inferiors. Princess Alice Roosevelt became the icon of America, at times banzai-ed, at times hated.

Was it worth the lives?

I stopped many times in this book as the gruesome details came out. RIP, lost souls. RIP.

Rating : 10/10

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Title : Hell's Corner
Author : David Baldacci


Pardon my excitement. Oliver Stone and his club is my love when reading Baldacci. Same lines with Dirk Pitt when reading Cussler.

So this I guess is the best installment of Camel Club yet. Oliver Stone goes on the government bandwagon after 30 years with the NSC, couples up with a lethal lady from Britain's MI6, has all the govt agencies working with/for/against him, and as always, the help of Camel Club. A bomb exploded in one of Stone's fave haunts, Lafayette Park, which wasn't clear intended to whom, even though at first it was thought the British PM. As the commotion occurs only across the White House, top priority has been given to this case. A lot of top guns and top govt agents were in this, yet they sense moles among them as red herrings were thrown everywhere. Finding the right way out of the mess was critical. The stroke of genius hits Stone just in time to save 2 presidents. The journey ended where Oliver started his career as a Three Six operative and also where he saved the President's life before, Murder Mountain. Did he and the others survived the ordeal?

Oh, throw in some nano technology in! The trick that made all this possible. Ah Baldacci.

The book closes with a memorial scene.

Did he died?

Rating : 10/10