Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Title : Lost City 
Author : Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos


I was having problems with this book. Yes, it had references to Poe, which I appreciate, and history, which Cussler nicely laces in, but he tried too much. Was it Kemprecos' influence? It's a Kurt Austin adventure, so I was biased too (I miss Dirk Pitt!). But okay. The book was about the Fauchards, a notorious family known for arm dealing for centuries. Turns out they were the people behind the major world wars along with the other Poe's characters (I mean the other big names in the business of the underworld). Realizing there's more to war than only arms, the Fauchards hatched an idea of biological weapons. The experiments went far from right, and NUMA steps in to save the day. Again. Now this Cussler has become repetitive I really need to take a stint from this. Unless I get my Pitt back.

Rating : 7/10

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Another review from my dear friend and ex-schoolmate, Quorinna Korish. Enjoy!

PS : I know, I haven't been updating. Will do ASAP! I've been reading quite a few books :)

 Title : One Hundred Names Author : Cecelia Ahern

You literally can’t put down the book. If you ever want to read this, you better have the whole day off. Sit somewhere quiet, have a whole jug of water, a big bar of chocolates. Be probably best if you’re at home alone or locked the door to your room. Because you don’t want to be disturbed nor you want to be distracted. Seriously! The moment you open the book you’ll be intrigue of what the 100 names is all about. Would it be about how 100 people are connected? 100 random people mind you. And you wouldn’t want to put the book down because you would want to know who are those 100 people. And why there were in a list. I know that some people would just, well go to the last page to find the answer. But I want to know how the character, Kitty, figured it out. How she finally found what it is that connects all of these 100 names, this 100 random people. What is it that in their life that made this exquisite editor of the magazine Etcetera, Constance Dubois, typed this 100 names list? All these questions are the reason why you wouldn’t want to put the book down and you shouldn’t put it down. Kitty is a journalist, and her job is at stake. She had the honoured to do a tribute on her friend and boss, Constance. The only thing that she was given was a list of 100 names by Constance. No other clue on what the list is about or who the people on the list are. She have two weeks before the article is sent to print. With 100 names and a two week deadline, the next question would be ‘How is she going to accomplish that? ‘ No doubt that she figured out what the list is about. And she had the most extraordinary experience as well with extraordinary people. This is really a recommended read. That is why I’m not telling you a summary of the book or what I thought of it. Because you have to read it yourself and figured all the answer on your own.

 Rating : 10/10