Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Title : Red Harvest
Author : Dashiell Hammett

Hold onto you breath, as I present you the masterpiece of noir fiction!!


I mean, Raymond Chandler (noir fiction champion) obviously adores Hammett. But that doesn't mean we have to agree 100%. Or maybe i haven't quite acquire the taste for noir books. 

Yes, I am taking another English course. Crime Fiction. Hence, Hammett...

Background layout so as to not confuse you why I am so amateur in commenting about the book (one might argue I really am still amateur and yes I agree, you caught me). 

So noir fiction differs from the detective fiction in the sense that it is not as clear cut and the detective doesn't necessarily be innocent like Holmes or Poirot that we usually read about. This is why it is called noir, which means black in French, which signifies that the story will be somewhat twisted and goes against the lines of the normal genre fiction type of books. So you get the gist of it.

Red Harvest is about a detective from the Continental Detective Agency, called to Personville by someone who was murdered right from the start. The Op (detective) sets to clear Personville/Poisonville of its corruption and gangs and basically make the city clean again. What makes him noir is that he pitches the big bosses of town against each other as means to effectively clean Poisonville. While all this is going on there will be multiple dozens of characters to confuse you and yes, multiple murders to make this novel more different than our ol' friend, detective fiction. 

Yes, it is harder to keep track of characters (mind, I read a lot of action novels, I know this) and yes, it's storyline makes me annoyed and feeling like murdering someone (oh no, effects of the murdering!) but it is a good book, nonetheless. 

If you want cobwebs to be intricate, might as well embroil yourself with Hammett. 

Rating : 8/10 

I must remind readers that ratings are totally biased towards my feelings. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Title : Jackdaws
Author : Ken Follett

First Follett book. And it was rewarding. 

Picture a week before D-day in occupied France. A team code named Bollinger from the French Resistance had failed in a mission that can cripple the entire German army stationed in France. As the Allied forces prepare for the invasion, German troops under Rommel had to use all their wits to prepare to fight back. Communications was key. The heart of it was Reims; which the Bollinger circuit had wanted to sabotage. 

In London, SOE knew this failed attempt was their best bet. So they sent in the Jackdaws. Code named Jackdaws, 6 women in disguise will try to finish what Bollinger had started. 

Good book. Will have more Folletts in the future!

PS : I knew I read about pip emma and ack emma somewhere. Thanks for the refresher. 

Rating : 10/10 

Monday, January 20, 2014


Title : Frog Music
Author : Emma Donoghue

Received the book via Goodreads First Reads. And I was a happy girl. 

Took Frog Music with me for my West Coast trip, so I was happy for the background to be historical San Francisco! Emma Donoghue writes eloquently in a fashion I rarely have read before. I love how sexily thrilling she turns a mystery in, what with the rich profusion of personas and intermingling feelings smashed in a compact and simple storyline. I also love the "going against norms" characters at that period which gives an extra kick to the plot. Some might see the language as provocative, but I must say, brilliant, Emma. Simply brilliant.

Rating ; 10/10 because why not? 

PS : It will be out in the market April 1,2014. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Title : Jefferson Key
Author : Steve Berry

Get ready, historical fiction fans!

I will list out the points of interest first. 

Honest Abe. Thomas Jefferson. Andrew Jackson. James Garfield. Andrew Johnson. George Washington. John F Kennedy. William McKinley. Theodore Roosevelt. Ronald Reagan. 

Civil War. American Revolution. Spanish-US War. 

Pirates @ privateers! Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Jolly Roger. 

Jefferson's key and cipher. For the lost Letters of Marque from the Congress. 

Mentions of Masons, Templars, Greeks, Egyptians. 


Intrigued enough?

Read it! 

Rating : 10/10