Hello people!

This is me.

Before introductions I would like to say thankyou for stopping by, book lover or not. Hoping this blog will not only fulfill my desire to share my obsession with people, but help others to start reading too (if you haven't already). Feel free to drop comments and suggestions for me! New titles for me to read will be appreciated. 

So yeah.

I am a government scholar from Malaysia,now a Senior graduating May 2014, double majoring in economics and human resource management in Rutgers University, New Jersey, United States of America. Adores macroeconomics and all the theories brought in by the field, but runs away from the math. Looks at human resource management as a need, and enjoys immensely the lessons and horizons added to my future with the combination of majors. Absolute adoration in books, currently testing waters (my patience actually) in poems. Indulges in classics (especially love stories!) but runs away from chick-lits. Modern books that entices me includes mystery and crime, usually laced with history. Has inclinations to read history especially the Western World, and gives special attention to war books. Tries to balance out, but fails miserably. Finding sci-fi books worth reading, yet still having problems at starting to read Malay novels. But with the dream in mind, I understand that being educated in the entire sphere of genres would prove beneficial. I'm trying! With a tight schedule everyday, I try to squeeze in time to read at least 10 pages per day. Obviously that rule made it legit for me to drop everything after class and read like 50 pages before doing anything else. Dreams to become the National Library director, as people surrounding me are awesome with their plans to change Malaysia into a better nation. I want to be a part of the solution too. I told Mom, "I trust my friends to bring Malaysia's economy to soaring heights. Why can't I bring change to our libraries? Don't people always debate that the quality of education isn't good enough? Don't people grumble about how kids don't read that much anymore? And have you ever wondered if it's our problem for turning a blind eye to the deteriorating condition of our libraries and lack of proper structure to bring it all up? Won't you want everyone to read, like how you taught me those years ago?" Trust me, my economics and human resource degrees (insyaAllah!) will prove necessary in my quest to reach my ambition. I believe it takes a desperate lover with burning passion to bring something up. Who knows, it could be me.

I endorse the dreams of my fellow friends, for I see in their eyes a better future. Would it be too much if I ask for the same in return?


  • Loves, loves, loves Pride and Prejudice. The original and parodies ever since.
  • Has big problems balancing time between reading and world.
  • Thinks Mr Darcy is her classic hero. Dirk Pitt takes her heart in the modern world.
  • Admires Elizabeth Bennet, Patrick Starr (yes from spongebob) & Sherlock Holmes for their sarcasm, dry humor, bluntness & wit. Thankyou for being my mold to where I place my cast.
  • Briefly considered Robert Langdon to be my hero, but thinks he is too intense.
  • Watches classics in her spare time. Even series.
  • Always questioning why Downton Abbey isn't a book.
  • Best US President? ABRAHAM LINCOLN !
  • Starts reading about war to understand significant other and friends' struggle. Fell in love.
  • Doesn't read Harry Potter anymore for fear of being in a depressed state of mind.

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