Thursday, November 21, 2013


Title : One Shot
Author : Lee Child

Yay, the uptight Jack Reacher comes back! And this was a good one. So Reacher had to come back to kill someone that promised him something 14 years ago; to not kill anyone ever again. The Afghanistan mission Reacher went back then was the scene of a mass civilian killing by a sniper, who had then been discharged and left alone. Now he is accused for a mass civilian murder in a smalll town. Reacher came to kill, but his military cop instinct kicked in and made him rethink of his solution. How can a case be 100% perfect? How can the police ignore some small, yet significant clues? Reacher and his team tried finding the rat in the pack, even when it borders on betrayal. I must say the climax was pretty good too. (Read: gory. With Reacher something must be sexy, or gory). So overall a satisfiable book. Like these people always promise to offer.

Rating : 8/10

Sunday, November 17, 2013


A hundred pages lay scattered, Thousands of dreams dreamed, The Qadar of Allah overrules, What is not right, but so it seemed. Questions! A hundred questions the heart asks, Assumptions! Outraged assumptions, the mind conceives. He knows what lays best in His Master plan, He knows what each soul receives. Man may conquer oceans deep, Through vast skies he may ride up high. His next aim may shoot for stars, Yet, with Allah’s Will, he cannot why. The script may defy all logic sane, The mind may not rightly perceive, The Lord writes masterpieces, Only if the reader believes. His are the scripts of glory, Of men who conquered and ruled well, His are the scripts of fury, Of the blasphemous, who shamefully fell. He writes trials and tribulations, For His servants who deserve a test, A challenging script, heightens faith, Separates the loyal from the rest. His scripts are riddles, His twists unknown, His ways merciful, His graciousness well-known. I may tread on thorny paths, Fight battles I know not why, I know my script is a masterpiece, For it’s by Allah, the Most High. - Anonymous

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Title : The Third Secret
Author : Steve Berry

So the Church story makes a comeback. (I prolly should reflect on this and go back to what I should read, eh?) This book revolves around the apparitions of Marian, specifically in Fatima, LaSalle and Medjugorge. The apparitions and messages that they bring were mostly kept from the public for fear of the truth; total overturn of the foundations of the Catholic Church. It was up to the Pope and his cardinals to save the day or for a better idea, the institution and religion itself. 

People claim Berry is reminiscent of Brown. I agree. But I also think that they don't have to compete, but instead give historical fiction its chance to shine among other genres. (It guess it already is judging on the top 10 bestsellers if the week lists,eh?) For me, at least, it does. 

Rating : 9/10