Thursday, February 5, 2015


Title : Lolita
Author : Vladimir Nabokov

#bookchallenge2015 : A banned book. 

What, only my second?

Yes. Been busy proofreading. 

Oh my God, Lo-lee-ta. Dear, dear nymph. 

This book is a swim in a twisted mind of Humbert Humbert, who lived his life loving little girls. Little nymphets, nubile limbs, budding flowers. 

And after a listless life in a marriage that reeks of conventionality, Humbert chanced to find an opportunity to escape to more rural areas with the excuse of writing a masterpiece. Lo and behold, events happened which saw him at the steps of Charlotte Haze's door. He lodged there, wedded her, and adored her kid, dear Dolores Haze. 

His plan went true when she died in an accident, and for two years the newly-made dad and child nymph went zigzagging all over America, embroiled in a stormy and painful incentuous relationship. 

And one day dear Lolita disappeared. 

After years of yearning, a letter from dear daughter unraveled everything. Now a murderer, Humbert Humbert surrendered himself to the authorities, and wrote this memoir to be published after the deaths of him and dear nymphet. 

So it goes. 

Chilling, no, to know the logic of people liking younger bodies? Be right, hearts. Be normal. 

Rating : 8/10 (a bit hard to read, and  it is banned for a good reason. Proceed with rational mind)

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Title : The Redbreast
Author : Jo Nesbo

#bookchallenge2015 : A book by an author you've never read before. 

As mentioned above, I am;

1) doing the book challenge, which is (in case you don't know)

2) reading Jo Nesbo. An author recently discovered while being in bliss at the Big Bad Wolf event. 


Dayah Hassan told me Jo Nesbo was good. As in gooooood cannot-be-put-down. Thus, high expectations. 

The Redbreast (as I expect all/major portion of Jo Nesbo's books) uses Norway as the main backdrop. It deals with Nazi occupation and the fight between Germany and Russia, and both its allies. 

From that macro perspective, The Redbreast focused into the lives of a few soldiers on the Eastern Front that were also trained at Sennheim. Their lives mingled far more than just comrades in battle. Some fought for the same love, and others admired another with a loyalty far surpassing that of a friend. These, together with the tragic events of war normally affecting soldiers in WWII, shaped the soldiers' lives consequently. 

Harry Hole, from making a mistake of shooting a Secret Service employee while The President's motorcade was weaving through the country, saw himself promoted and thus, tranferred to a bigger office than before. He was tasked with menial jobs until he stumbled on a report of a Marklin rifle illegal use. He enlisted his former partner, Ellen to help figure out seemingly isolated events that he thinks might have something to do with each other. Events snowballed, bringing the lives of the past soldiers and Harry entwined together, forcing him to use his investigative powers which he had denied he has before. 

Multiple Personality Disorder. The twist in this book! 

Rating : 7/10