Sunday, December 29, 2013


I was intrigued. Not too much because of the book, but for the intepretation of the psycho. 

So I watched it. Quite a while ago. Right after reading the book. And it was quite spot on. The neighbourhood was something different (oh well I imagined a suburb-y feeling but got the Jersey dose) but it sticks to the facts of the book. And it was worth watching. Micro scrutiny of a community. 

I have to watch many more book adaptations. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Title : Mystic River
Author : Dennis Lehane

First book, but I have expectations from Shutter Island (movie). 

This story evolves around three friends, Sean, Jimmy and Dave. Normal boys who have different personalities and backgrounds brought together out of habit. One day Dave got into an unknown car, only to come back 4 days later unharmed. Life went on, and by life it means different paths for the three boys. One day Jimmy woke up to the knowledge that his daughter was dead. Sean, already a police officer had to solve this crime for a long forgotten friend. And Dave had to wrestle with the Boy who ran away from the Wolf. Head on. Do or die. 

The grip of this book is mainly on the emotional side, as the story takes the path of the regular NCIS/CSI kind of plot nowadays. Haven't watched the movie, though. Must be worth watching. Okay first book, Lehane. Some parts are nearly good to quote, but me being lazy didn't mark it up. 

Rating :7/10

Friday, December 20, 2013


Title : Definitely Not Mr. Darcy
Author : Karen Doornebos

Oh well. Permissible chick-lit as it is about Darcy. 

Although I did remind myself that brooding Rochester is better than brooding Darcy. And brooding Heathcliff (sorry Tom Hardy!) will never ever make the cut.

So, back to the book. This light read transports us to partial 1812, where Darcy is on pursuit of a suitable wife. Modern day Miss Parker, an Austen enthusiast ended up in a reality show about the Regency era. Which transports her from Chicago to the outskirts of England, and live the life she thought she should be born into. She did have the whole nine yards, I must say. Archery lessons, sewing and music talents, not to mention gorgeous dresses in flimsy material, she got all of that going. With an assortment of competing women vying to win Mr Wrightman's heart (and yes $100,000). Toss in some drop-front breeches and other implicit references, there you go. A modern day Darcy. 

With a twist. 

Miss Parker, in the end, did find her match. But definitely, absolutely not Mr Darcy. 

Okay book for an Austen fan looking for a few hours diversion. 

And the straight quote from Pride and Prejudice is sincerely cherished. Along with the references to some parts of Austen. Not to mention the historically accurate explanations. 

And for the damper on Keira Knigtley's adaptation, I must find a nook to sob my heart out. The ending was exquisite! (come to think of it, would someone in that era really do that? Ugh)

Henry, boy, that library is perfection. You don't need to illustrate it, I have it in my head already. 

I. Should. Stop. Thinking. Of. Darcy. 

Rating : 6/10

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Title : First Among Equals
Author : Jeffrey Archer

My first (at least as far as I can remember) Archer novel. And it wasn't what i have expected. In a good way. 

The story revolves around 3 guys, Charles Hampton, Simon Kerslake, and Raymond Gould who had vastly different upbringings but were united in one goal, to someday become the Prime Minister of Britain. The trio had entered the political arena at roughly the same time, and has their fare share of fights. The battle was bigger between Hampton and Kerslake as they are in the same party. Love, deceit, bankruptcy, and downright skill dominated Archer's story. At the end, one became the Speaker for the house, one became the Prime Minister, and another,ah,well, the other went home disappointed. But still the Party's leader. 

This book taught me a lot of British politics, I must say. As much as I was skeptical, I liked it. A lot. Archer now on the list!

Rating :9/10

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Title : The Amber Room
Author : Steve Berry

Granted that this is Berry's first novel, I must say quite good. It is lacking the depth in history that I would have sincerely appreciated, but intriguing nonetheless. The book explores the history of The Amber Room, a magnificent creation of the Tsarkoye Selo artisans for Prussia. It was then given to the Russians, only to be looted by the Nazis. The mystery behind it was worth lives and money, as the group of 9 Retrievers of Lost Antiquities (a private rich man club in Europe) and their Acquisitors fight for many years. The truth of The Amber Room was revealed at the end, changing lives of ordinary citizens and moved history forever.

I must say halfway through the book I was skeptical about the writing, but it took a new twist. 

Read more on the Amber Room at

Rating : 7/10