Monday, March 24, 2014


Title : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

You want curious? Fitzgerald gives you curious. 

I ordered this book with the Amazon giftcard I received from a survey (yay splurge!) as this book, as a lot of classics, is expensive. 

When it came in the mail I thought I was tricked. 

It was a book larger than normal paperback proportions, very thin, with big handwriting. Really? Best part is when there are empty pages. Imagine. Empty chapters. 

The contents, however, were classy. It tells you about the life of Benjamin Button, right from when he was a newborn old man to his last stages of life as a kid. Yes, it is a reverse agig process that Benjamin had. From being a shunned baby of the society, to the dazzlig husband and the object of admiration, to the last dregs of life spent playing with his own grandchildren. And I mean play as in playmates, not a grandfather-grandson relationship. 

A marvel. 

Rating : 10/10

Review of movie coming up!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Title : Fatale (translated from French)
Author : Jean-Patrick Manchette

The best book in my Crime Fiction class so far.

Since it is so straight-forward and Aimee is so no-nonsense.

The book tells us about Aimee, who first killed out of necessity then turned it into a job. She jumps from one town to another, avenging the middle class by destroying the aristocrats of the society. She stumbled on this particular town, got to know the high society, and with an insider who is ready to spill the beans, managed to concoct a plan that makes that select group of people hate each other. Hating enough to kill.

Although it does seem a simple story, Manchette writes in a fashion which I found eye-opening. There are some parts of the book where I just stopped reading to catch my breath and re-focus my conscience. She made me as ruthless as she is in the story. But it did not border at all with Hammett's killing where we move on so quickly after a death. In Fatale, all deaths come as a terrible blow. This book made deaths personal.

Some quotes which took my breath away;

 "Well, it's the same as ever, isn't it? It seems slow, but actually it is quite fast. Sex always comes first. Then money questions. And then, last, comes the old crimes."


Rating : 10/10


Title : Little Bee
Author : Chris Cleave


That is what I will use to describe this book.

It is about a girl named Little Bee who escaped from Nigeria, fleeing the grasp of capitalism (oil) that destroyed her village and everything she knows of in the world. Little Bee managed to smuggle herself onto a barge heading towards the UK, and she found herself in a detention center for 2 years. Released early, she hold onto only what she has; her new obsession of English and a business card.

A call in the early hours of the morning jolted a family into a spiral of events that subsequently shaped their future. Little Bee repesents fate; and helps us question life dynamics as we know it.

A refresher from the genre i have been delving in a lot recently. 

Although it seems like I can't really run from crime. 

Rating : 10/10